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A Tribute to "Can Do"

Can Do in his first cart.jpg
First day in his new foster home with Roo                                                His first cart (of 3 as he grew)  

"Can Do" pup was named for his can-do attitude.  Although he started out life in a rough situation, and although his life was short, it was a well-lived life full of true joy.  Can Do served as a great inspiration for The Puppy School.  Every pup and every adult dog has infinite potential.  Hats off to Can Do and that spirit that will never die.  You were well and truly loved.

Can Do was paralyzed in his back legs from birth.  As a result, he was also incontinent (that is why he wore a diaper when inside).  Despite these challenges, Can Do was one of the happiest puppies who ever lived!  He lived to be almost two years old and grew out of three different donated carts which helped him to get around and visit many parks and hiking trails all over Colorado and Arizona.  He had wonderful dog and cat friends and people family members who loved him more than words can tell.  

Falling asleep during diaper change

Watch our gentle and positive approach to dog Training at The Puppy School in Fort Collins

 Charlie & Wags, canine mentors at The Puppy School, demonstrate how to stay no matter what the distraction. 

Charlie & Wags, canine mentors at The Puppy School, demonstrating how to "Load Up" . 

Roo teaching children the proper way to give a dog a treat.  Charlie & Wags showing soft mouths at all times.

Charlie & Wags waiting for Roo at the park.  No matter who comes along, they will wait patiently.  Your pup will learn alot by doing new things together with canine mentors for the first few times.

Roo, Charlie and Wags demonstrating "walk with me" off leash and "hold up"

Demonstrating the proper walk on the loose leash & "hold up" on leash

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