Centrally located in Fort Collins.  Fully fenced 1 acre property!   

And even a stream for those water-loving pups!

When you enroll your puppy or adult dog in The Puppy School, you can expect to do classes in all sorts of interesting and varied environments including some of our public parks in and around Fort Collins.  Depending on what level of achievement you are aiming at, we will also do classes downtown and on city streets and other public places.  Our venues may be modified slightly during times when COVID-19 precautions are recommended.   Remember, just like us, our dogs like variety.  Taking them to different places not only during training, but also during their entire lifetimes, is important for mental health and stimulation, and most of all for happiness!   


Here are just a few of the many great parks and public places in the Fort Collins area which you can enjoy with your dog:


Spring Canyon Community Park & Spring Canyon Dog Park

Rolland Moore Park

Lee Martinez Community Park

Edora Park

Pineridge Natural Area

McMurry Natural Area

Lory State Park

Horsetooth Reservoir & Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

City Park

Twin Silo Park & Twin Silo Dog Park

Soft Gold Dog Park

North Shields Ponds Natural Area

Magpie Meander Natural Area

Maxwell Natural Area

Reservoir Ridge Natural Area