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Our Policies

Our policies help ensure safety for all!


Shunka & Paws, canine mentors from past years.  

Check out our special rates for dogs adopted through shelters and official rescue organizations on the "Classes and Prices" page!  The Puppy School encourages everyone to adopt from shelters and in this way reduce the number of wonderful dogs patiently waiting for homes who are killed every year due to lack of room in shelters and not enough people adopting from shelters.   Please give a shelter dog the chance they deserve!    

  • No dog or person may come to class if they have any symptoms of illness including coughing, sneezing, runny nose, gunky eyes, fever, or diarrhea (this applies to both private and group classes).   

  • Up to 2 household members may attend private classes.   Only one person may come with your dog to group classes.  This ensures that the puppy to person ratio is reasonable and allows for good focus by all.  

  • All puppies going into group classes, including Puppy Kindergarten, must have had at least 2 of their 3 Distemper/Parvo shots as well as the Bordetella vaccination, and must have been in their current home for at least 12 days prior to starting any group class.  They must have been healthy throughout that 12 day period with no signs of illness including diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, runny nose, gunky eyes, or fever.   This is for the safety and wellbeing of all participants.  

  • Puppies are welcome to start private classes as young as 9 weeks.  Private classes for younger pups may be done at your home. There may be an additonal surcharge for travel if you outside Fort Collins. 

  • Puppies must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and deworming to enroll in any class.   

  • All dogs 16 weeks and older must have received their Rabies vaccination to participate in any class.   

  • Vaccination records must be shared with The Puppy School via email before your first class.  Please email records to

  • To enroll in any group class other than Puppy Kindergarten, you must have taken at least one private class through The Puppy School and you must have permission from The Puppy School.  

  • To participate in Puppy Hikes or Puppy Playdates you must be currently enrolled at The Puppy School and meet the vaccination and health requirements and have permission to participate from The Puppy School.  

  • All adult dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations (exceptions may be made for senior dogs 10+ years of age).   

  • If you wish to qualify for the redced Rescue Rate, you must email us your dog's adoption papers or other pr.oof of adoption from an official shelter or non-breed-specific 501c3 rescue organization.  

  • Discounted rates for dogs adopted through official rescue organizations do not apply to purebred dogs adopted through breed-specific "rescues".  Our philosophy is to encourage adopting dogs that have not been purposefully bred.  This will continue to be our policy as long as there are so many wonderful dogs killed in shelters every year due to over-population.  
  • We do not offer classes for adult dogs with people or dog aggression issues but do work with puppies with such issues on a case by case basis.    Aggression issues must be fully disclosed to The Puppy School before scheduling a class.   Any dog demonstrating aggression towards people or other dogs in a group class may be asked to leave the class by staff of The Puppy School.  

  • Class fees are paid in full at the time of your class.   Advance payment may be required for some group classes. 

  • If you are unable to attend a class you are enrolled in because of an emergency or illness, and you inform us about this before your class start time, you may join the next available class in that same level as soon as space becomes available.  No refunds are given.  

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