Classes & Other Fun & Educational Activities

We believe in adopting through shelters & official rescues!   See our special rates for rescues*.
*To qualify for the rescue rate, dogs must be adopted through official shelters and non-breed-specific 501c3 rescue organizations. 
Please share adoption paperwork to qualify for the special rescue rate.  

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Special Fun Classes for Pups & Their People!

We offer a variety of popular special classes throughout the year including fun classes you do with your pup to help both you and your pup develop new skills while having a blast!  These classes are limited to those who have taken at least one other class with The Puppy School.  You and your pup will learn many new things and have a blast doing it!  We do some agility, fun nosework, and other special classes.  

$35/class (Classes last 1 hour)

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Learning about Dogs for Kids

Temporarily Suspended during COVID. 

The Puppy School offers special activities for children (ages 4 to 11) to teach them about dogs.  Whether you have a dog or not, this is a great opportunity for all children to learn appreciation for animals, especially dogs.   We'll learn about caring for, and communicating with, our canine companions, and we'll learn how to play some fun games with them too! 😊  All family members are welcome to join!  Contact us for more information.


Puppy Kindergarten & Other Group Classes

New classes start regularly.   Call us at 970-426-5603 for schedules and more information.

Puppy Kindergarten

$120     ($75 Rescue Rate*)

Puppy Kindergarten includes 3 one-hour classes which are offered over a ten day period.  Puppy Kindergarten is a great foundational class that every pup and their person should take, and also offers great opportunities for your pup to socialize with other pups!  All persons involved in group classes must be COVID vaccinated.  All puppies enrolled in kindergarten must have had at least 2 Distemper/Parvo shots and a Bordetella shot.  

Level 1 Small Group Classes   

$120     ($75 Rescue Rate*)

This is a series of 3 classes offered over a 2 week period that build on what puppies learned in Kindergarten and go beyond the basics to help you further build a positive relationship with your pup.   All pups must be fully vaccinated (3 Distemper/Parvo shots, Rabies and Bordetella).

Level 2  Small Group Classes

$150    ($90 Rescue Rate*)

This is a series of 3 small group classes for those who have completed Level 1.  All dogs must be fully vaccinated.  All puppies older than 16 weeks must take a private class before enrolling in group classes to ensure proper placement unless they have taken a previous class through The Puppy School. 

Call for class schedules.  We offer both weekend and weekday classes.  All classes are outdoors and are limited to a maximum of 4 pups/class to ensure all receive individual attention.    All people participating in group classes must be fully vaccinated against COVID.  Only one person is allowed to accompany your pup to class.  This allows them to focus much better and limits the number of people to pups ratio to a reasonable number.  Please see our "Policies" page for more information.

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Puppy Hikes!

If you are currently enrolled (i.e., you have taken a class with The Puppy School or joined on one of our Puppy Playdates in the past 30 days), please join us for fun easy hikes with your pup!  We have lots of fun, get exercise, and learn some helpful hiking etiquette.  This is also a great opportunity for pups to socialize.  Pups must be fully vaccinated & have permission to participate from The Puppy School.  No charge for current enrolees! 


Private Classes
(for both Puppies & Adult Dogs)

$90/One hour class 

$60/One hour class (Rescue Rate*)

Special Rate for Recently Rescued Adult Dogs!  $30/one hour class for recently rescued adult dogs (1+ years old) adopted within 1 month of the date of their class. 


Private individualized one hour classes for puppies and recently-rescued adult dogs are tailored to your needs. Call us at 970-426-5603 to schedule a private class at your convenience.

Puppies as young as 9 weeks can benefit from private classes. And, recently-rescued adult dogs of whatever age can also benefit greatly from private individualized classes.  Classes include everything from basic to advanced training for you and your canine companion.  Everything that makes for a good and happy relationship!   All classes are outdoors.

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Drop-Off Puppy PlayDates at The Puppy School

Drop-Off Puppy Playdates $30


Our popular two-hour drop-off Puppy Playdates are held at the beautiful fully-fenced one acre campus of The Puppy School in Fort Collins.  Wonderful opportunity for pups to socialize with other pups in a safe, supervised, lovely outdoor environment.  All pups must be fully vaccinated and must have taken at least one class with The Puppy School.  Puppy Playdates are limited to 10 puppies per playdate.  Call or text us at 970-426-5603 to reserve.  Tremendous fun for your pup and a nice break for you too! 

JAde and Honey reaching for each other a
 "Hands Across the Water"         Photo by Katherine Kinkead                  Puppy Pupil "Honey" and her best friend Jade

 We ask that only one member of the family accompany your pup/dog to class.  This allows your pup to focus much better and keeps the number of people to dog ratio reasonable.  Persons participating in classes must be fully vaccinated against COVID.  We may ask to see your vaccination record.