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It may be a Dog's World but Cats Always Rule

When welcoming a new puppy or adult dog into your home, it's important to set ground rules from the very start. One important ground rule if there are cats in the home is that "cats always rule". We love dogs, but we also love our cats, and for cats to feel comfortable and happy around dogs, there can be no question of who rules. It's our job to make sure our dogs understand clearly that the cat decides if s/he wants to play (or not), not to disturb kitties when they are sleeping, not to be overly rambunctious around them, and to respect their food bowl. Some kitties are great at setting the rules themselves. E.T. is one of those kitties. In this video, E.T. calmly and assertively makes it clear to foster puppies, Scooter and Boomer, that they WILL lie down and not disturb her!

Creating a "treat circle" with all your furry family members (dogs and cats) is fun and is one small way of ensuring your dog respects your cat/s fully. Let me know if you want to know more about how to train your dog to get along with your cat.

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