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Give your pup time to observe

One common concern puppy parents have is that there puppy stops a lot on walks. There is really no reason for concern -- in fact this is totally normal. In another posting soon I'll discuss why your pup may stop and not want to leave your place. That is something different -- also normal and nothing to worry about but this posting is about when your pup stops during a walk once you are well away from your home. This is a common occurrence, especially with young pups up to approximately 4 and 1/2 months of age. All they are doing is observing new things -- trying to figure them out. A jogger running by, a bicycle, a stroller, a new setting. Remember, they have only been on the planet a few months. EVERYTHING is new! Everything is interesting. Let them stop and observe. Don't insist they continue walking at your pace not allowing them to stop and observe and learn and enjoy. Would you take a child to Disneyworld and expect them to walk quickly past Pirates of the Caribbean, Mickey Mouse and all sorts of other new and interesting discoveries. Let's be fair to our pups and let them observe, learn, and enjoy!

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