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Anne and her Fear-Aggressive Foster Puppy

Anne came to me seeking dog training help for the 8 month old German Shepherd mix puppy, Sonia, who she was fostering for a rescue organization. Sonia was afraid of everything and lived in constant fear. After two weeks in foster care, Anne could not even convince Sonia to walk to the mailbox. Sonia growled and barked at the few visitors Anne invited over to her house. Knowing this, it didn't surprise me when Sonia charged me four times, barking loudly at me each time, when Anne brought her to The Puppy School for help. It quickly became apparent to me that this was a case of fear aggression. Anne and I worked together over the next two weeks, at first at The Puppy School outdoor facility in Fort Collins and then later at several parks, helping Sonia to overcome her fear. Charlie, Canine Mentor at The Puppy School, was a huge help in achieving the breakthrough, helping Sonia to be able to investigate both people and her environment with confidence, picking up on Charlie's calm energy and his canine cues. If you're facing some of the same challenges that Anne was, let's set up an appointment. And remember, fear can be conquered!

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